Commonly known as Chemotherapy, it involves the use of anti-cancer drugs the cancerous cells. They can be administered both by pill & injection form. Usually malignancy of each organ has a specific treatment protocol.

Key features of medical oncology of ACH:

  • Latest medicines with minimum side effects.
  • Implantation, care & maintenance of long term vascular devices like- Port-a Cath, Hickman’s line & PICC lines.
  • Preventive management of chemotherapy side effects.
  • Specially trained team of onco nurses. Pharmacists & junior doctors.
  • Day Care Chemotherapy that doesn’t need over night admission.


In Genetic Profiling the gene mutation of the cancerous cells are checked to predict whether the patient can respond to a particular drug or not. The genes of the patient will help in judging the effectiveness of a method of appropriate cancer treatment.

We use this protocol to treat the various types of cancers such as :

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