Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata Emergency Room:

  • Hi Tech ICU Ambulance- Hospital on wheel
  • EMS (Ambulance) Control Center
  • Triage Zone
  • Resuscitation Area
  • Major Trauma / Medical Areas
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Teaching zone with class rooms
  • Patient Waiting Area
  • Minor Procedure Rooms
  • Observation Units
  • 24 hour Pharmacy
  • 24 Hours Laboratory & Radiology services(including CT/ MRI)
  • Doctors Restroom

EMS (Ambulance) Coordination Center

The Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance services) of the hospital is the community’s main access to the hospital in an emergency and is also the most visible part of the emergency department to the public eye. It is controlled by hi-tech GPS enable video monitoring system.

The EMS (1066) consists of

  • Fleet of well-equipped ambulances/ Hospital on Wheel
  • Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • Ambulance drivers
  • EMS Administrator
  • Biomedical technicians
  • GPS, Radio and telephone operators manning the central call & coordination center

The EMS administrator is qualified emergency medicine physician himself. The head of the EM department is the EMS administrator.


Every emergency department has a triage or triaging area to sort incoming patients.

Triage can be defined as the prioritization of patient care based on the severity of injury / illness, prognosis, and availability of resources.

For those responsible for the triage of patients arriving in the emergency department,
the purpose of triage is to determine to which predesignated patient care area the patient should be sent.The
locations to which the patients are ‘triaged’ establishes priorities for care.

Resuscitation Area

This area is dedicated to the immediate care of patients and victims in cardiac arrest, airway, breathing and circulation compromise. The ‘Resus’ area consists of four resuscitation beds with all resuscitative equipment (monitors, defibrillators, airway, intubation & surgical equipment) available at an arm’s

distance including pediatric resuscitation kits.

A patient maybe shifted to the Resus area from outside or from an area within the hospital or emergency

department itself.

All priority I patients are managed here.

Major Trauma / Medical Area

All priority II patients are managed here. This area will have dedicated EM physicians

(along with EM nursing staff) looking after the patients directed here. Majority of the ED admitted patients

are assessed and managed here.

Consultation Rooms

Since majority of the patients coming to an ED do not have an emergent problem, they are

assessed and treated on outpatient basis in the consultation rooms.

Minor Procedure Room

Procedures like washing, dressing & suturing of wounds, reduction & splinting of

fractures & dislocations, and other minor surgical procedures are done here.

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