Key Medical Procedures

Apollo Multispeciality Kolkata has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare by bringing to the people, the latest innovations in key medical specialities and superspecialities on par with the West. We highlight in this section some of the latest procedures, services and therapies that Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals, Kolkata provides, in keeping with the tradition of providing outstanding healthcare of international standards.



The Orthopedic surgeons at the Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals, kolkata can diagnose and treat many types of bone and joint problems using minimally invasive techniques.
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Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplantation treats certain cancers like leukaemias, lymphomas and some non-cancerous diseases like thalassaemia. Read More…

Cosmetic Surgery

Our highly experienced specialists in cosmetic and plastic surgery, state-of-the-art infrastructure & a patient centric ambience ensure world class medical attention and care. Read More…

da Vinci®Robotic Surgical System

The da Vinci® surgical system is the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today.The robotic system is a breakthrough in surgical technology. Read More…

Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)

Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is used to determine if a cardiac patient really needs a stent or bypass surgery or can be kept only on medicines avoiding any procedure. Read More…

Hand Microsurgery

Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals, Kolkata is one of the very few dedicated centers in the country for treating hand injuries.
Highly intricate and complex, surgeries are performed aided by a microscope.
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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Arthroscopy is one of the most rapidly evolving arthroscopy techniques.
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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

MICAS or MICS CABG is a safe and complete operation that has revolutionised the way coronary surgery is
performed. Read More…

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Our Centre for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery provides the latest treatments for diseases of the mouth,
jaw and face. Read More…


128 Slice PET CT

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a non-invasive molecular imaging technique that produces 3 dimensional images of
functional/biochemical processes in the body. Read More…

Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS)

The new Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS), the latest advance in treating Coronary Artery Disease is
a non metallic mesh tube that is used to treat a narrowed artery. Read More…

Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is a life saving advanced intensive care technology that is used when a

child/adult has a condition that prevents the lungs or heart from working properly.

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OCT Technique – Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography is a light based catheter which acquires on an image (photo) inside the heart blood
vessel. Read More…

Single Port Endoscopic technique of Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

The ECTR technique, a first of its kind in India performed at Apollo Multispeciality. Read More…

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